Poetry by Paul Chubbuck

Poetry has become an essential part of my awakening process, an important way I access some trustworthy, deeper parts within me.

It is the greatest joy when they come to me in powerful images that beg to be described, or even sometimes in phrases and lines nearly complete.  It is then I feel most attuned to my soul.

Poetry is an oral tradition.  Sounds created in the throat, rolled from the tongue, and vibrating the eardrums on their way into the body communicate something which can never be transmitted entirely through reading silently to oneself.  If you don’t believe this, imagine the presumption of learning a dance without moving your body, or telling someone about making love without ever having experienced it.

Ideally, read poetry to an appreciative someone aloud and slowly, savoring the sounds.  Or lacking someone, read slowly to yourself aloud.  See if the sounds tickle their meaning into you, bypassing the mind, straight to your heart.

Do You Know about the Well?

The Blind Dancer

Venus and Jupiter Dancing



This Big Love

Do you Long to Find Your Own Dance

You Have an Animal Inside

How Will You Feed Your Soul Today?


The Iris Fancier

It was the Snow


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