Somatic Experiencing Therapy  Phone Counseling Sessions

Somatic Experiencing Therapy by phone is effective in helping resolve PTSD and trauma symptoms.

Counseling by phone is as effective as any other kind of counseling and the relationship between the phone counselor and client is just as deep. There’s even the added benefit of Somatic Experiencing counseling by phone; you’ll be in your own home and you can be as comfortable as possible.

A Phone Counselor Is Within Reach For Everyone.

Even though you may not have time in your schedule for Somatic Experiencing counseling at my office, or you may live at an inconvenient distance from our office, you are still able to receive this highly effective therapy.  I have counseled many people very effectively by phone to help them release painful past trauma and to build a bright, contented present.

Counseling By Phone  The Details

As I will not be able to see you, I will rely entirely on our connection by sound, so a quality phone connection is essential. That typically means a land-line. VOIP connections, if high-speed, can also work.  Cell-phones are less desirable due to lower sound quality.

It’s easy to call and easy to pay by credit card or PayPal. I offer a free, ½-hour phone consultation to help you decide if this is right for you. Arrange your free phone consultation.

In that first call, you can tell me what is troubling you, ask questions, and actually experience an introduction to this powerful way of healing trauma. Click here for full details on session fees.

Or click here to contact me with your questions.

Releasing The Past  PTSD, Trauma, & Loss Therapy
Somatic Experiencing Therapy Sessions With Paul Chubbuck
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