Heart Circle

An 8-week course in how to start, sustain, and enjoy your own Heart Circle, offered both online and locally in Fort Collins, CO

A brilliant book, Waking Up with Everyone Around Us, by Tej Steiner, founder of the Heart Circle model, describes how practicing the vital “Five Ways of Being” in a circle of support can break down walls of separation and move us towards connection and Heart Awakening. For more than two years, I have been in training with Steiner studying Transformational Group Dynamics and The Heart Circle Process.

The New Frontier in the 21st Century is not just about technology, space or renewable energies. It’s about how we can transform our partnerships, families, friendships, schools, businesses, organizations, and nations so that they support Heart Awakening rather than hinder it. It’s about designing and implementing reliable and practical processes that move us out of the Culture of Separation into the Culture of Connection. This is not a utopian fantasy. It’s a social imperative. The future of our planet depends upon our waking up with everyone around us.

Excerpt from Waking Up with Everyone Around Us by Tej Steiner, founder of Heart Circles

We’ll create a relaxing and enjoyable group just by being in the course together. The meetings will be practical and experiential and through them, you’ll experience the shared support, authenticity, and presence common in Heart Circles but too rare in the rest of our lives.

Reading Tej’s book “Waking Up with Everyone Around Us” before the course begins will make your course experience much richer. We’ll be able to delve into the material more deeply and avoid basic questions like “What is a Heart Circle?”

Enrollment is limited in each course in order to provide you with more personal, hands-on, support. To ensure confidentiality, these calls will not be recorded.

Currently registration is closed. Do you want to let me know of your interest for Heart Circles opening January, 2018?  Do you have questions about whether this fits for you?  Please contact me with the form below.


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Each session is 90 minutes. We will meet weekly.

Login information and local location in Fort Collins will provided upon registration.

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