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Offering phone and online therapy sessions and in-person treatment in Fort Collins

Many years ago, I found myself in a painful, repeating pattern of heartbreak and emotionally hurting others in intimate relationship. It was never what I wanted or intended, but it kept happening anyway. When I’d experienced too much pain, I started earnestly looking for answers any reasonable place — from self-help books, 12-step programs, therapy, mentors, mythology, poetry, and spirituality.

Many answers were helpful, but the work that helped me transform my life the most, quit getting emotionally hurt, and quit hurting others, was Somatic Experiencing, the work I now offer to others.

I have a Masters in Counseling and am a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (S.E.P), with additional certification to teach Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR), both powerfully effective in the treatment of abuse, loss, injury, and other trauma. My 35-year professional and personal growth path — seeking and finding solutions to my own challenges — forms the foundation for what I offer to others. Many kind and wise teachers have generously helped me on my path. As I came to feel increasing contentment and fulfillment in my life, I felt called give back — to assist others.

I am compassionate and skilled at helping my clients rediscover joy and excitement in their inherent self-healing abilities.

In my private life, I write poetry and am a photographer.  I am also a hiker, camper, bicycler, musician, sea kayaker, contra-dancer, cat-lover, mountain climber, and a lover of wildflowers. My spiritual path informs my life and practice.

One of my greatest joys is when I see a client get in touch with their body sensations and discover inner guidance on what to decide and how to live well.

I practice in Fort Collins, Colorado, and also offer session via phone or online via Skype.

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Releasing The Past — PTSD, Trauma, & Loss Therapy
Somatic Experiencing Sessions With Paul Chubbuck
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