A plan for your recovery and answers about fees

“Thank you for being such a kindly companion on my inner journey.”

— A client email to Paul, October, 2017

If you decide you want my help to heal PTSD or other effects of traumatic past experience, know that I will join you in that commitment with my 19 years experience as a psychotherapist along with a heartfelt resolve to do the best I possibly can to help you move past your emotional pain or anxiety and to enjoy transforming your life.

I have found the traditional model of psychotherapy limiting (simply 50 minute sessions weekly) in that it tends to orient both client and therapist to think that everything transformative must happen in that one hour per week. In my experience, while it is true that insight and presence do often make magic happen in sessions, the most significant and lasting changes happen in the rest of your life. I want you to learn this so that I work myself out of a job!

I find more helpful and less expensive a plan to help you integrate insights, emotional releases, and other changes into your larger life. Therefore, your monthly fee of $440 includes:

  • 4 – 60 minute Somatic Experiencing sessions monthly (5th week off, when that occurs) exploring
    • Awareness of feelings and sensation
    • Skills in “centering”, i.e. getting present to yourself and “in your body”
    • Discharging anxiety, stress, and anger in healthy ways
    • Learning to be present, to oneself and to others
    • Boundaries: how to say “yes” and “no” effectively
    • Releasing compulsions, addressing underlying healthy needs
  • Support to keep an accountability journal of assignments, goals, insights, and feelings
  • Various handouts and recommended resources, entirely on an individual basis
  • Assistance in contemplating and writing a life purpose
  • Support in thoughtful goal-setting
  • Individualized homework assignments
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • A 90-day initial commitment, followed by month-to-month commitments after that
  • Periodic review and reevaluation of goals and progress
  • A clear ending, i.e. a “graduation” session including celebration

If you are serious about moving beyond the limitations imposed by your past trauma or suffering, in my experience, this approach is the most powerful.

If you would like to discuss your needs with me before making a decision, feel free to email me and we’ll set up a phone conversation.

Sometimes after several months in this program, a client “graduates” but may want to return occasionally for a “tuneup”. Such sessions are $120.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Besides cash and personal check, we accept major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.  Your monthly payment is due at the first session of each month.

I do not bill insurance. If you know that your insurance company will reimburse you, I may be able to offer you the necessary documentation. Please verify with your insurance company first, and then ask me.

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Somatic Experiencing Sessions With Paul Chubbuck
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