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How Long Are the Sessions?

Sessions are normally 60 minutes. Longer sessions are sometimes appropriate and can be arranged.

How Much Does a Session Cost?

The normal fee is $120. Introductory and monthly packages are available and offer a discount.  Payment may be cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.

Where Do We Meet?

For local Fort Collins area clients, sessions are offered in a professional office in my home in the vicinity of the Poudre Valley Hospital just off East Elizabeth.  Online or phone sessions are also available.  If possible, initial sessions in-person are recommended.

Sessions are offered in a professional office in a private residence.

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How Many Sessions Does it Take?

The number of session required depends entirely on what you are wanting and dealing with. In cases where there is a specific painful or traumatic event in the recent past, such as a car accident within the last couple of years, I’ve had clients clear all the anxiety and muscle constriction around that sort of event within 5-10 sessions.

Some people only want to get out of acute emotional pain. Frequently, working together, we can do that within several sessions.

Others are experiencing negative thinking and dysfunctional emotional patterns learned as children which have been persisting for decades. They want to be free of the fear and negativity or the self-sabotaging, painful, repetitive old life patterns. That is entirely possible, but typically takes longer.

In the case of childhood abuse or severely traumatic events happening many years ago, you may have formed your personality around defending against the overpowering and uncomfortable feelings associated with these events. There may be various ways you avoid feeling any of this discomfort, anxiety and anger, such as addictions, or unconsciously re-creating the earlier experience of trauma in your present life. These patterns can be released, often without even necessarily remembering the historical details. It is a process of gently, gradually becoming aware of these patterns as we discharge the anxiety around the feelings from the original painful event(s).

I have several times used the phrase above “usually takes longer”. So what does that mean? Occasionally people break through and change radically, quickly, and permanently, letting go of lifetime old dysfunctional patterns in a few weeks or a couple of months. I won’t say it is typical, but it does happen with this work. Perhaps prayer, Grace, or some such phenomena is involved. Usually, a slower pace of change is actually more advisable because it will help you integrate the changes and feel comfortable that they are permanent.

This not a race. Healing is a life-transforming process. If you really want to heal, you will get there in your own time. Your own time is the only time you need to be concerned with.

However it happens for you, the experience of uncovering and releasing these old, painful patterns is an exciting one of self-discovery, an inner adventure with real-life outer results, such as increasing your ability to have satisfying relationships, to be creative, and to feel happy. These make the investment of effort, time, and money one of the most worthwhile of all investments you’ll ever make.

Are There Materials Available about this Approach?

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