Releasing The Past Through Focused Trauma Therapy

Trauma, Abuse, Loss, and PTSD Can Be Healed with Counseling — Online, by Phone, or in Person

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Before working with Paul After working with Paul
A Happier Man
Andrew was depressed for 20 years without knowing why and had no enthusiasm for his work. Now Andrew is cheerful much of the time and has a new job he’s excited about.
A More Loving Marriage
Cynthia had chronic anxiety and digestion problems. Sex with her husband was rare and unpleasant. Now Cynthia is much less anxious, her digestion is much improved and she frequently enjoys sex with her husband.
A Happier Family
Carol tried to stop drinking many times but always relapsed. Her teenage daughter was hostile and rebellious. Now Carol is much calmer, has not drunk in six months, and is mending her relationship with her daughter.

What do these people have in common?

  • They all suffered a traumatic or abusive experience that caused symptoms, often referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • They were almost completely unaware that past experiences were interfering with getting what they wanted today.
  • Each of them made big, positive changes in a relatively short period of time using new, scientifically proven therapy techniques that quickly alleviate symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

This new therapy is a natural, effective, and quick way to heal symptoms of trauma, loss, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…online, by phone, or in person. Relief from such devastating symptoms is closer than you think. With Paul Chubbuck as your online counselor, phone therapist or in-person counselor, you’re on the path towards healing.

You May Have Experienced Some of these Trauma and PTSD Symptoms:

What Causes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
PTSD is caused by the body’s response to severely traumatic experiences. If the body and nervous system are overwhelmed, they get stuck in fight, flight, or freeze states. Find out more:

  • Difficulty managing strong emotions like anger, fear, sadness, or anxiety
  • A sense of numbness, inability to feel
  • Problems with intimacy, trust and relationships
  • Flashbacks or nightmares related to a traumatic event
  • Obsessive, repetitive thoughts
  • Substance abuse or other addictions
  • A variety of stress-related health problems

Due to major advances in brain research over the past two decades, we now know why and how traumatic events can cause such devastating effects. And, most importantly, we’ve developed techniques that can help your trauma and PTSD recovery and resolve the symptoms listed above — without use of drugs and faster than ever before possible with talk therapies.

There is now hope for a complete resolution of these problems — without spending years in therapy costing you a fortune.

Advanced Trauma Therapy Methods Bring Significant and Rapid Relief

When I first went to Paul, I felt like I was in a deep, dark well with no ladder or help nearby. After only a few sessions, I began feeling relief and progress toward recovery. Now, I not only feel fine but am confident that, should I ever begin feeling bad again, I can recognize it and have the tools to deal with it effectively.
— M.D. 48 year-old male teacher

Due to breakthrough developments in brain research, the field of therapy now has highly effective techniques for PTSD recovery — you can begin to experience noticeable improvements often in only 2-3 counseling sessions.

Your symptoms are likely not the result of a psychological or personality problem.

Instead, your symptoms persist due to a physiological reaction in your nervous system as a response to the shock of the trauma or PTSD. With my specialized trauma recovery techniques, we can release the energy in your body and nervous system at the root of your symptoms. You can then return to a calmer and more relaxed state and your symptoms and PTSD will rapidly dissipate.

Your distressing emotions will melt away. They will be replaced with a growing sense of optimism, energy, and clear thinking to better meet life’s pleasures and challenges.

That sandbag on the balloon will be released, freeing up the energy you need to find a fulfilling life!

What Do I Offer as Your Trauma Therapist?

As a trauma counselor, I’ve successfully helped people recover from the debilitating effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over 11 years. My compassion and dedication as a therapist, as well as my specialized training in Somatic Experiencing® and Somatic Trauma Resolution, the most effective trauma therapy approaches available, ensure that you will get the help you need.

In-Person or Remote Counseling

Although in-person counseling is ideal for some, for others, working with an online therapist can be just as effective. Clients may come to my Fort Collins office in Colorado, but if you are not a local resident, I also can be your therapist. As my online therapy clients can attest, these methods are effective and their results profound. Find out more about working with an online counselor.

Visit my counseling approach page to find out more about how I can help you start feeling better about yourself and your life. You don’t have to continue suffering.

You can recover from your PTSD symptoms.

Together, in-person in Fort Collins, CO, or by phone, or even on-line, we’ll discuss how I might help you get started with your new life.

Paul Chubbuck is a counselor in Fort Collins who helps people heal their wounds from the past so they can live more fulfilling lives. He uses highly specialized methods of therapy that are proven to help people recover from symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that were caused by abuse, loss, accidents, or other trauma.

Releasing The Past PTSD, Trauma, & Loss Therapy
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